Willkommen | welcome | 어서오십시오

A very warm welcome to our website!
It's great that you've found us!

We are the Disabled Persons' Organization

TOGETHER - Educational centre for deaf, blind an non-disabled children Hamhung e.V.

We are based in Berlin (Germany), most of our members are deaf or blind and we are engaged in development cooperation with deaf and blind people in the Democratic Peoples' Republic of Korea (North Korea).

We are a non-political and non-profit organization.

We know how important barrier-free communication is. Therefore we try to make our website as barrier-free as possible and accessible for all:

We try to write our texts in a simple way and to complement them with a lot of pictures. Written language is a foreign language for our deaf readers, because it's very different from sign language, which is their mother tongue.

Blind readers are not able to perceive graphics or pictures and they need clear structures for a fast orientation on the site. So we try to make all the pictures accessible for screenreaders and to provide clear and neat structures on our homepage.

Let's hope all of you will feel comfortable on this website and we can excite you by providing lots of interesting information. And of course we'd appreciate your support for our work very much!

We wish you a good time on our homepage!