Meaning and Background of the Logo of our Organisation

Teddy Bear – Berlin Bear
Our organisation was founded on the 1st Novembre 2008 in the capital of Germany which heraldic animal is the bear.

Teddy Bear - Strong as a Bear
Despite the obstacles and difficult conditions regarding the cooperation with the DPRK (North Korea), we achieved a lot because we are strong as a bear.

Teddy Bear – Buddy Bears
On the day before our organisation was officially founded, our very first project as part of the cooperation between the DPR Korea and the German Embassy was carried out in Pyongyang: A deaf group participated at an excursion to visit the open-air exhibition of the Buddy Bears in Pyongyang.

Teddy Bear – Bear in Korean Legend
According to a korean legend, a bear was transformed into a woman named Ungnyeo and married Hwanung, the prince of the heavenly kingdom. It is said that their son, Dangun, was the founder of Go-Joseon (the first kingdom of the korean peninsula).

Teddy Bear – Tommy Bear
After our first founding member, Mr Thomas Grund, passed away, the teddy bear was named according to his nickname: Tommy.

Drafting and design of the logo: Obok Kwon