Marco Grund


   WHO am I?
As the association chairman of ZUSAMMEN-Hamhung, I would like to introduce myself: My name is Marco Grund and I am also deaf like my brother Robert. I am a passionate sports enthusiast. Unlike my brother Robert, I have never moved out of Berlin: I am a true Berliner.

   WHAT is my job?
As the chairman, I represent our association to the outside world and encourage the implementation of ideas provided by our members and our partner organizations in the DPR Korea. My previous tasks also include the promotion of athletes in barrier-free sports. In the future, I would like to establish another area of responsible oversight in our association: sporting and craft leisure activities for the deaf. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact our association.

   WHY do I work here?
Although I am a founding member, I had not been so involved in the association at the beginning. That changed upon the request from my brother Robert, I flew to Pyongyang during the summer of 2015 and facilitated a workshop on making flash-alarm clocks for the deaf youth. There’s a video of the workshop: As a result, I became determined to get more involved in our association. Since many deaf young people in the DPR Korea are very into sports as me, I would like to work towards the establishment of a national level sports association for the deaf. Would you like to support us so that our deaf friends in the DPR Korea, who also wish to participate in Deaflympics in future? Then, please just compose an email to our association!