Jesada Pua

Translator (EN/ISL)

   WHO am I?
I originally hail from San Francisco, California. For the time being, I am stationed in Budapest working as a computational linguist for Snapchat.

   WHAT is my job?
Due to English being one of my 2 native languages, I work as a translator. Besides that, I also translate written texts into International Sign Language (ISL). This is because many deaf people (and hearing people too) are still illiterate due to an overall lack of proper education. Sign language is a human right, so our website should also be accessible to the sign language community, right?

   WHY do I work here?
During his travels to the DPRK, Robert Grund gradually discovered that there are indeed many deaf people all over the country. His experiences with North Korean deaf people have inspired me to help improve the lives of North Korean citizens by building a bridge between them and the global deaf community.