Supplying Braille Writing Frames and Papers to the 250 visually-impaired students

Barrier free access to education is the first step towards integration of blind children into the Korean society.

Using Braille writing frames is one of the important tools with a great impact on the increase of knowledge: the Braille frames are the exercise books of the blind children. They write down the contents of the lectures with their stylus as other kids would write it down with pencil or pen. However, writing by hand through Braille writing frames not only offers the opportunity to express oneself, but it is also an opportunity to express oneself in a manner that allows for review and rereading. Blind children are proud to use Braille writing frames because they are special, they have a unique but simple technique.

The physical act of “taking pen in hand” and committing one’s thoughts to paper has been extolled by philosophers through the ages and it holds also for the blind: Writing, and that is also true for writing with a Braille frame, is the way to become a blind philosopher. Braille opens the door to education, vocational qualification and to an independent lifestyle.

The transport of Braille frames and paper from Beijing to Pyongyang

On the occasion of the 2nd international deaf meeting called GOOD FELLOWSHIP, the German NGO TOGETHER-Hamhung e.V. supplies complete sets of Braille frames, stylus and paper to the 250 blind and visually impaired children at their 3 special schools in the DPRK.

The franchised Store for Disabled Aids in Beijing supported our project by preparing the donation in perfectly packed parcels.

GOOD FELLOWSHIP – The 2nd international deaf meeting in Pyongyang

Mr. Kim Mun-Chol extended thanks to the deaf guests from the USA, China, Germany, Marocco, Finland, and Japan for their visit and for handing over the 250 Braille sets to the KFPD Cultural and Training Centre in Pyongyang. Robert expressed his gratitude for the financial contribution of the German Embassy to this third project of the association “TOGETHER-Hamhung”.

Supporters and their activities:

  • Mr Cheng Junfei from the franchised store for the disabled
    supplied Braille frames and Braille paper.
  • All participants of the 2nd GOOD FELLOWSHIP
    transported the Braille Writing Sets from Beijing to Pyongyang.
  • Mr Kim Mun-Chol and Mr Ro Kyong-Su from the Korean Federation for the Protection of the Disabled (KFPD)
    delivered Braille frames and paper to all 3 blind schools in the DPRK.

Such little projects can strengthen the communication between the international blind community and the blind children in the DPRK.

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